Single Slope - Type 'S' Buildings

Parkline Single Slope (Type 'S') metal buildings have a single slope roof (shed roof) with a minimum pitch of 1 1/2" over the building width. The 16" wide interlocking (self framing) roof panels shall vary from a nominal 24 to 18 gauge depending upon the loading conditions. They shall be attached to the wall cap through factory punched holes with #14 corrosion resistant fasteners.

The roof system is supported by a fluted, nominal 24 gauge, embossed, factory painted, 16" x 3" deep interlocking (self framing) wall panels. The panels are fastened at the top and bottom, to galvanized structural channels and wall caps, with 3/8" diameter electro-galvanized machine bolts thru factory punched holes.

Transmission of horizontal wind loads across the building shall be made through the roof panel system and no separate roof or wall diagonal bracing shall be required. Where required for proper transmission of lateral wind loads, structural frame wind bents shall be installed.

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Pre-engineered, prefabricated, steel buildings for any equipment enclosure needs. Fully assembled or site built. Perfect for electrical substation enclosures, oil and gas measurement buildings, switchgear enclosures, guard houses, pump houses, telecommunications buildings, and hazardous materials storage buildings.

See Parkline Design Manual (pdf) for more details on Single Slope (Type 'S') buildings

Widths available: 5'4" - 24'0"
Lengths available: Unlimited

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Single Slope building at a wind energy facility. Pre-assembled Single Slope building. Single Slope building with Twilight Blue finish. Single Slope building with roof penetrations. Pre-assembled fire pump house. Single Slope electrical substation. Single Slope building with pullbox cover. Single Slope gas measurement building. Single Slope building with removable wall section. Pre-assembled Single Slope with Harvest Gold finish.